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Ice cream

Ice cream is a small trifle, which is so necessary, especially in hot periods of time. It is actually impossible to surprise a today's people with ice cream. What we can interest a today's consumer in, is traditionally high-quality ice-cream made of full-fledged diary products. You shall appreciate the quality of the products you consume, therefore, while making ice cream, we think, first of all, about the use of solely natural products and additives: nuts, chocolate, raisins...
From the stanspoint of physics, ice cream consists of frozen diary products. However, should you try to freeze milk, you will get just a piece of ice which will hardly be like ice cream. Should there by technology and production, there would be also ice cream, should there be no technology and production, there will be just frozen diary products.
Now let's consider the issue of the benefit from ice cream. There is an opinion that ice cream is a harmful product. However, scientists have revealed a lot of its healthy properties. Even Hippocrates advices his patients to consume frozen cream to improve their mood. While performing investigations, German physicians came to conclusion that ice cream is found to remove the nervous tension and overstrain. To refrain from unsubstantiated statements, it should be stated that milk or cream, from which ice cream is made, contains L-tryptophan, which is an efficient natural tranquillizer facilitating the enhances the mode and soothe the nervous system. The scientists have paid attention that this substance helps also to cope with insomnia. Neither milk nor cream has this property because L-tryptophan is unstable and prone to decomposition at the temperatures above 0°C while in ice cream in can preserve its structure for long time. The researchers have shown that those who likes to regale oneselves frequently with ice cream feel more happy than those who do not like this product. Indeed, ice cream remind us of childhood which is characterized by positive moments for the most people.

Something from history. As is said, there is no exact evidence who is the ice cream inventor. There are many versions, some of them are given below. Some historians insist that ice cream was invented by the Chinese about 4 thousand years ago, when they began to add the rice and milk mixture to snow. Somebody believes that ice cream was invented by Alexander the Great who was a admirer of little pieces of frozen wine or fruit juices. Somebody believe that ice cream inventor was Nero who sent his servant to mountains for collecting snow and ice for freezing wine or juices. In any case, the frozen foods have been always dainties.
Now let's consider the examples being closer to us. In the 19th century, there were three main kinds of ice cream: sorbetto (or sherbet), frozen but having yet not hardened liquid; semi-ice-cream (or granito), less thick mass made of fruit juices and ice cream proper, the thick mass ready to get various shapes depending on the confectioner's wishes.
Admirers and talents Anton Chekhov, while staying in Odessa in the 1889 summer, came to the popular Sambrini's confectioner's shop together with the premiere of the Maly Theatre Glafira Panova every day. Some time later, he was forced to tell his acquaintance poet A.N. Pleshcheyev that he has “spent half his fortune on ice cream”.
There are many amusing facts related to ice-cream and its production.  We are large-scale ice cream makers in the Republic of Belarus . We are interested in making the high-quality product for the market of Belarus and abroad.
We will be capable of pleasing all who likes sweets!!!

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Ice cream
Ice cream is a beaten and frozen mixture of milk, cream or fruit or berry products with sugar, stabilizer, flavour and aromatic additives.

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Processed cheese is made by heat treatment of high-quality and healthy diary products