Our enterprise, Orshasyrzavod JSC uses only pure natural components in production of high quality and thus valuable classical semi-soft cheeses. Rennet cheeses are being produced by traditional technologies by the masters of high qualification. Any processed or rennet cheese produced by our enterprise has the unique taste and odour. High level of skills of the experts and advanced technology in combination with high quality of dairy raw products and other components allow to us to produce high quality and competitive products.

The cheese produced by Orshasyrzavod JSC is always odorous and nourishing.
Orshasyrzavod JSC produces semi-soft cheese by traditional technologies: CHEESE ROLL WITH PEPPER, cheese SULUGUNI, CAUCASIAN cheese, cheese RANITSA, cheese DEMIDOVSKY. Our enterprise also produces high quality Processed cheese - sausage-shaped smoked cheese: RANDEVU, UGOSTIS’, NOVY, SEMEYNY, MOLODEZHNY, RUSSKY, POLESSKY, K CHAYU. We are the leaders on production of the processed cheese in the Republic of Belarus. Processed cheese is presented in the widest assortment. Specially for the fans of sandwiches the Processed cheese Premiera and Prestizh are presented where each slice of cheese has individual packing.

Processed cheese is being produced by thermal conditioning. At production of processed cheese only high quality and useful dairy products are being used: rennet cheese, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, dried milk, cream with addition or without addition of flavour additives and aromatic additives. No preservatives added.

A brief information about the benefit of cheese. Cheese is a useful product which is suitable for any case and for any time … Cheese is also the most ancient natural product which was appreciated at all times. The cheese is a high-grade nutritious product - necessary for us at any age for a balanced feeding. There is a piece of good advice: eat cheese since it will provide your organism with many valuable and necessary nutritious elements.

A brief history from “cheese life”. Some historians consider that cheese is more than 7000 years old and its native land is the Arabian East. The legends say that the Arabian trader Canan by starting on his journey has taken milk and meals with him. Having made a halt he has decided to have a bite and a rest. After he has opened a container with milk, Canan has seen that instead of milk the watery liquid is flowing out, and at the bottom there is one more white and dense clot. Canan tasted it and appreciated it having shared his discovery with the neighbours . Thus they say the first recipe of cheese became well-known which became popular and has reached Europe.

In the Ancient Greece cheese standed high among people since it was considered that it had a divine origin. And one of myths says that the patroness of animals Artemis has transferred recipes and has learnt to produce cheese. It was mentioned as well that the Gods themselves liked to regale with cheese washing it down with wine. The Roman Empire during the reign of Caesar knew already more than 10 kinds of local cheese not including the imported.

This is a little about the ancient days, and now is closer … In Belarus as well as in other states of the former USSR people are able to produce cheese of high quality. And we can state the quality of the cheeses being produced by Orshasyrzavod JSC as here we observe all technological process and use only high quality natural ingredients.

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History and the present of the favourite dessert.
Everybody loves ice cream, but the greatest passion to it is lusted by the fine half of mankind. Women always passed ahead of men in their weakness to a cold dessert. If you wish to win the heart of the Parisian invite her to taste the ice cream - a French dandy of the end of XVI century recommended to his provincial fellows.