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"New cloths" for the familiar cheese "New cloths" for the familiar cheese

Presently, success at the market cannot easily be achieved, moreover, if competition in the milk industry is meant. Under such conditions only those companies will reasonably promote themselves which make reasonable investments into production and pay due attention to the modern management. Orshasyrzavod JSC is one of such companies. In the beginning of 2011 this joint-stock company took a further perspective step: it put into operation an automatic line for parceling and packaging the processed cheese to cellophane and polymeric films.

Orshasyrzavod JSC is a leader in the field of production of processed cheese in the Republic of Belarus. Great assortment of high-quality and useful products is manufactured here which enjoy popularity among purchasers. These are familiar ones in briquettes “Nastoyashchaya Druzhba”, “Orshansky”, “Zdorovye”, “Syurpriz”, “Fantaziya”; processed cheese in polystyrene cups “Slivochny Yantarny”, “Orshanochka”. Adults and children like sweet delicacies “Lyubimaya Omichka”, “Shokoladny Plus”, “Skazka” in combination with cacao, nuts, vanillin. Smoked cheese “Russky”, “Belorussky”, “Ugostis”, “Novy”, etc. enjoy continuous popularity. Traditions of natural smoking are carefully kept in production with the use of deciduous chips smoke. Owing to that the taste could be kept unchanged which is familiar for many people since the Soviet times.

During half of a century the company’s products under the trade mark “Cheese Yard” is the permanent favourite at the kitchen of practically every Belarusian family. The food value of processed cheese is enhanced by fats, mineral salts, organic acids, milky sugar which is the source of energy for human beings. Therefore, there is nothing better than to cook a full breakfast, nourishing soup or tasteful dessert with Orsha cheese.

It seems that even recently specialists of Orshasyrzavod JSC were among the first in the Republic who mastered the western equipment for output of processed cheese in slices. Then, cheese slices obtained individual packages and combined 8 appetite “plates” in a common pack. These are cheese “Prestizh”, “Premiera”, “Ceasar”. And in the beginning of 2011 Orshasyrzavod JSC put into operation an automatic line for cheese parceling and packaging to cellophane and polymeric films. Now, 200-gram bars of processed cheese in cellophane covers and goldish film of the trade mark “Cheese Yard” will be sold, as well as the sausage smoked cheese in bars by 500 grams in the cellophane cover and paraffin alloy. Amateurs of products made by Orshasyrzavod JSC have already appreciated a new package of sausage smoked cheese. The well-known cheese “Russky”, “Belorussky”, “K chayu”, “Otlichny” are sold in a new and more attractive form. Now, they are packaged to bars by 500 grams in the cellophane cover and paraffin alloy. You should agree that it is far more convenient: no necessity of buying a half, and such a product is better kept. As for film package by 200 grams the cheese “Druzhba” and “Orshansky” will be the first to be delivered to the retail trade network. Afterwards the assortment will be expanded.

So, presently Orshasyrzavod JSC offers a wide assortment of processed cheese in various packages: in briquettes, polystyrene cups, processed cheese in slices, in bars by 200 grams, as well as sausage smoked cheese by 500 grams. And high quality of the products of this company is confirmed by diplomas and medals of various concourses and exhibitions.