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This is a product with a natural set of vitally important fats, proteins, vitamins, organic acids, mineral salts, micro components. It contains a complex of indispensible amino acids and ferments increasing the protective functions of the organism. Fats are a source of energy and they play an important role in exchange of substances of the human body.

Processed cheese

Processed cheese is a concentrated protein product. Contents of soluble proteins in it is higher than in original cheese, and the use of curds and whey proteins during its production contributes to the increase in quantity of indispensible amino acids. According to the contents of amino-acids proteins of the processed cheese relate to biologically full proteins. So, processed cheese is the most important source of proteins and indispensible amino-acids. The food value of processed cheese is increased by fats, mineral salt, organic acids, vitamins.
Biological value of fats is determined by availability of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are not synthesized in a human body. In case of their deficiency in food metabolism processes are violated. Presence of essential quantities of phosphatides and vitamins (E, A, D) in the milk fat improves its biological value. Beside, milk fat is better digested in a human body as compared with other fats. Processed cheese contains also vitamins K, groups B of vitamins, etc. Vitamins of group B regulate metabolism, activity of digestive organs, nervous system and heart. Vitamin A provides normal growth, good eyesight and prevents from diseases of soft mucous membrane of breath and digestive organs. The mineral composition of processed cheese is not less valuable. First of all, high contents of calcium and phosphorus should be noted which are required for the organism for formation of the bone tissue, blood restoration, brain activity, etc. Both components are present in processed cheese not only in the excellently digestive form, but also in well balanced ratios, that allows to the organism to almost fully digest them.
Processed cheese is very useful for children. In contrast to natural juice, the processed cheese contains milky sugar which is a source of energy for the organism of a human body.


Contemporary studies show that ice-cream stimulates development of a special substance – serotonin - by the organism which is capable of protecting us from stresses and improving the mood. Ordinary ice-cream remarkably reduces nervous strains and fatigue. As scientists believe, when adults are eating ice-cream it also has an extra therapeutic effect connected with positive emotions because ice-cream reminds us about our childhood.