At lunch and for dessert


How can we put aside everyday problems in a bustle of humdrum and enjoy something for a while? Everybody has some own remedy. But we propose our own one: put processed cheese on a thin slice of bread and a circle of a fresh tomato from the top, a leaf of salad- and a tasteful sandwich is ready.

Hungarian Tomatoes
Slice tomatoes in circles, put to a plate. Cover every tomato slice with finely cut garlic, grinded processed cheese (for example, “Orshansky”, “Syurpriz”, “Fantazya”). Fill with mayonnaise on the top, and decorate all with greenery.

Cabbage Soup with Rice and Processed Cheese
Boil rice and cabbage cut in shreds (you can do it in meat broth). Add onions and carrot fried in the vegetable oil. In the end of boiling put tomato paste (2 table spoons), processed cheese (100-200 g) cut in pieces. Bring the soup to boil and boil it for 5 minutes. Drawn it without heating for 10-15 minutes. Decorate with greenery on the top.
Shepherd’s pie with processed cheese
Put potatoes cut into pieces to a frying pan greased with vegetable oil. Put slices of tomatoes, finely cut onions, pieces of ham on the top. Salt and pepper it. Cook in an oven. From the very top the processed cheese (for example, “Victoria”, “Zdorovye”, “Frantsuzsky s bekonom”) is to be grinded with a float, to be filled with mayonnaise. Keep in the oven for 5 minutes more.

“Druzhba” cake
Whisk eggs (2 pieces) with sugar (1 glass). Grind butter (100 g) and processed cheese, 2 pcs (for example, “Druzhba”, “Kislomolochny”, “Stolichny”) with the use of a coarse float and mix it all. Add flour (10 table spoons), soda (0.5 of a tea spoon) softened with vineyard ,starch (4 tea spoons), vanillin. Mix all to get a uniform mass, add raisins. Put it to a heated and greased mould. Fry in an oven for 40 minutes.


“Obyedenye” small cake
500 g of biscuits and S glasses of peanuts are to be mixed in a meat chopper. 2 table spoons of melted vegetable oil are to be added and thoroughly mixed. The ready mix is to be put to a detachable mould with a uniform layer by making the boards, and this is to be put to a freezer for 15 minutes. 3 bananas are to be cut in circles. Then, 2 packs of ice-cream, a half of bananas are to be put onto the prepared base, the dessert is to be covered with food film or parchment and compressed. To be put for 30 minutes to a freezer. The film is to be removed, two more packs of ice cream are to be put onto the top of the dessert, to be decorated with banana pieces grinded peanuts and again to the cold.
“Pylayushchie Apelsiny”
Several oranges are to be taken, their tops and small bottom parts are to be cut off for stability. The pulp is to be removed, cut and mixed with any ice-cream. Skins are to be stuffed with this mixture, and a piece of lump sugar moistened in alcohol or cognac are to be put onto every orange. To be burnt and put on the table.

1 pack of the children’s mixture “Malyutka”, 2 ice-creams, 100 g of softened butter, 1 glass of grinded nuts, cacao. All is to be mixed, small balls are to be prepared, rolled in cacao and put to a refrigerator for 2 hours.

Ice-cream “Fresh”
1 tea spoon of green tea, 2 table spoons of cognac, 150 g of vanilla ice-cream. Tea is to be milled in a coffee making machine and mixed with cognac. The ice-cream is to be poured with the mixture of tea and cognac, put for 10 minutes to a freezer and served.

Banana with ice-cream
Juice of a half of an orange, 1 banana, 1 pack of butter, powder for cakes. A banana is to be peeled, cut into pieces and during 3-5 minutes fried on a pan in the juice squeezed out of an orange. Then, this is to be put to a plate, and melted ice-cream is to be put on the top. The dessert is to be decorated with powder for cakes.