В корзине пока пусто



The cheese-factory – Orshasyrzavod Open Joint Stock Company (Orshasyrzavod JSC) – was created in the premises of the Orsha Butter Depot, which was established in October 1944.

The Company is included into the State-owned enterprise “Meat and Dairy Products” Vitebsk Concern (Vitebsk region).

The main kinds of activity are as follows:
making and selling:
—  cheese (processed, sausage smoked, semi-soft rennet)
—  ice cream (in ice-cream cups, sweet cones; choc-ice, sandwiches, family large packs)

Orshasyrzavod JSC is a leading processed cheese making company in the Republic of Belarus. In 2009, its share in the total volume of cheese output in the region made 49.46%. On a national scale, share of Orshasyrzavod JSC in the total production of this kind is approximately 10%.

Orshasyrzavod JSC has a sufficiently large productive potential. Its technique and instrumentation enable to ensure product release in compliance with the regulatory documents.

As a result of reconstruction and technical upgrading, at present the Company’s producing capacity is as follows:
processed cheese — 16 tons/shift,
semi-soft cheese — 0.3 tons/shift,
ice cream  — 3.4 tons/shift

Quality of the Company’s products meets the requirements of STB 736-93, STB 1467-2004, STB 966, GOST 15810-96, Sanitary Rules and Norms 11 63 РБ98, Sanitary Rules and Norms

The Company has implemented the high-efficient quality system STB ISO-9001-2001 which ensures release of quality, safe, competitive products.

The investment project implemented by Orshasyrzavod JSC in 2008, enabled to develop the manufacture of a product, new for the Belarusian dairy industry, i.e. processed cheese slices (special packing, when every piece of cheese has its separate packing). Ease and hygiene of consumption, extension of processed cheese storage life are the main advantages of such packing.

Installation of a new state-of-the-art ice cream extrusion line was completed in February 2010. Since March 2010, choc-ice and sandwiches have come into the market.

Whole milk, cream, rich cheese, lean cheese, skim dried milk, whole dried milk 25%, butter are the primary inputs provided by the manufacturing method introduced at Orshasyrzavod JSC.